I came to Dr. Etkin's office as an emergency. The office is easy to find. The staff is very pleasant, understanding and accommodating. I was seen right away. The office is very well equipped, and I didn't have to be referred out to any diagnostic studies. I got better fairly fast and will definitely become a permanent patient. Highly recommend to everyone.
Karina S.
This is what a doctor should be! I was sick for over 2 months. Have tried several doctors. Referred to numerous tests. Could not be diagnosed and, therefore, was taking sorts of wrong medications. I finally tried Dr. Etkin. She diagnosed me in 1 day. The test was done on site. Got the night medicine, and finally feel better and can get on with myself. Thank you, Dr. Etkin, for your knowledge.
Marina K.
I've been a patient of Dr. Etkin for the past few years and I'm very happy with the service provided by the doctor and her staff. Dr. Aleksandra Etkin is very professional, knowledgeable, dedicated and caring doctor. Her personnel is well trained and all patients are being served professionally and fast. Highly recommend Dr. Etkin to everyone.
Irene .
Dr. A. Etkin have literally saved my life. Not going to details, six years ago I've had a problem which no other doctors could identify until my sister-in-law recommended me to see Dr. Etkin. She referred me to a hospital where a surgery was quickly and successfully performed, and since then Dr. Etkin is and always be my PRIMERY PHYSICIAN!
Isaac K.
The only thing I can say about Dr. Etkin is she saved my life by changing the wrong medicine prescribed by another doctor. Now she is our family doctor (I don't have a single doubt that she is treating us in the best possible way). She is confident and very knowledgeable. She does care about her patients. She always prescribes the right medications. Keeps her appointments. Maximum wait time is 5-10 minutes. She is our family doctor and we referred her to at least 20 friends and relatives. They all are very happy. I moved to NJ and tried other doctors, but couldn't find the right one there. I still come to Brooklyn. And I am not the only one who takes the long drive because it's worth it.
Michael N.
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