Attack of the Fungus
Fungal disease of the nails has become a true "disease of civilization." It now affects every fifth inhabitant of the planet. What's new for those who endure year after year the onslaught of nail fungus?
Something unpleasant is happening with your nails: they lose their shape, grow yellow and thick, then exfoliate and crumble. You experience pain and discomfort, and have problems choosing and wearing footwear. The appearance of your nails depresses you: you're ashamed to go to the beach, the swimming pool, or the baths, to wear open shoes or sandals, etc. With all sympathy you must be told that you most likely have a fungal infection of the nails-onychomycosis. When signs of this disease appear, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible: the fungus not only causes discomfort, it can do serious harm to the whole body. By excreting toxic substances, the fungus provokes allergic reactions, lowers overall immunity, and increases the risk of developing many serious illnesses.
Effective treatment of fungal infections of the nails is usually complicated: it consists in measures for boosting immunity, internal use of antifungal medications, and external application of special treatments or laser radiation. But one must be aware that the probability of recurrence is high, since fungal spores can be harbored in footwear, linen, carpeting, etc.
The answer to this question is an absolutely new method of fighting fungal disorders used at Be Healthy Medical P.C.
After a thorough cleaning and working over of the infected nails, a special gel (resin) developed in Germany is applied to them. Hardening under the action of ultraviolet light, it creates the appearance of absolutely healthy nails. True, for a complete cure of the fungal infection 2 to 6 treatments are required , depending on how serious it is. Experience shows that in order to become healthy the nail plate must be completely replaced twice.
Exclusive positive features of this method are:
- halting further spread of the infection, thanks to the properties of the new covering;
- instant appearance of a new nail, strong but flexible.
Its high degree of effectiveness, outstanding visual result and reasonable cost of make this new procedure the preferred treatment for eliminating fungal nail infections.
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Fungal disease of the nails has become a true "disease of civilization." It now affects every fifth inhabitant of the planet...
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